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Over 640 billion* in public procurement

Vati of Sweden educate and certificate businesses and Change Leaders through SDG certification with United Nations - Sustainable Development Goals.

*Annual Swedish public procurement


Future proof your business

SDG is imperative for your company’s future. If you do not secure your business by embedding the sustainable development goals into your core business strategy, you will lose and / or run out of business extremely fast.

Future proof your business through SDG Certified Business™ and make your business practices sustainable to create more profitable opportunities.

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5 easy steps to Future Proof your Company

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Get the understanding and boost your company needs to start the important process of becoming sustainable in your business practises.


Become a leader in a field that will soon be common to businesses across all industries, anywhere in the world. Earn your personal certificate and license to operate now.


Do well by doing good and earn your certification.


Who needs to get certified?

You and

Your business

The Sustainable Development Goals have the potential to unleash innovation, economic growth, and development and could be worth at least $12 trillion in market opportunities and generate up to 380 million new jobs by 2030.

Companies that make sustainability core to their business strategy will drive innovation and create enthusiasm and loyaltee from employees, cutomers, suppliers, communities and investors.

You as a

Change Leader

Become a leader in a field that will soon be common to businesses across all industries, anywhere in the world. Earn your personal certificate – Business For SDGs ™ and license to operate now.

You will be able to support and lead businesses in their transformation into sustainable business practices.

If you are an investor or
are in business with

Big Projects

Get connected to Swedish technology and innovative financing!

We bring Swedish technology and innovative financing to  Sustainble Development Projects around the World by our platform, bridging the Swedish Innovative Ecosystem of companies and finance. 


Sustainable Developement Goals

Making the SDGs and Agenda 2030 linked to your core strategy is a choice, and a choice that have many implications. But it is a choice that is increasingly recognised as a necessary condition for the delivery of long term value, both to direct stakeholders and wider society.

It’s good for business and good for the World!



Seminars about Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Eva Vati have worked in the Technical & IT Industry since 1999 in Executive positions at various successful companies in her home country Sweden. Her core competence is in Executive Management and Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, anchored in Technology, Corporate Governance, International Business Development and Finance.

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