Sustainable Business

We help you increase your competitiveness by integrating sustainability into your business strategy – through education and business consulting.

Our mission is to unify people, businesses and societies in a mutual effort to create a better world by doing good business.

Future-Proof your Company

We help you integrate Sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals into your core strategy, ensuring the delivery of long-term value for your company and for society. There is no business on a dead planet.

Environmental, social and economic sustainability is not just about “doing the right thing”. Ultimately, it is the most profitable choice and allows companies to anticipate risks and opportunities.  

Sustainability is a megatrend in a regulated market that is here to stay. Therefore, companies who verify their sustainability work and become transparent ensure a license to operate and thereby future-proof their business.

In the end, it is all about doing good business.

Do you want to know more about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how they connect to business?

Our Services

VATI Academy

Education – Change your career or grow in your current role by becoming a Change Leader within Sustainable Business.

We offer custom-tailored trainings and an educational catalogue
with basic courses, certification courses and programs. We also offer e-learning courses for your employees and partners.

VATI Advisory

Business Consulting We offer a wide range of customised services to help you get a sustainable business strategy in place. Some of the needs and challenges we can help to address are consulting regarding which rules, regulations and standards related to sustainability that are valid to your company. We can also assist you in setting an action plan and KPIs, carrying out a risk analysis and calculating your carbon footprint.

By integrating sustainability into your business strategy you future-proof your company. 

VATI Inspiration

Seminars & Workshops – Are you looking for an international Keynote Speaker for your conference, event, or gala dinner? Or maybe a trainer for your next sustainability conference or business development training?

Great! You just have found what you are looking for. We offer international keynote speakers as well as tailored on- and off-site seminars & training.

Verify Your Sustainability Work

By getting your sustainability work verified by an accredited third-party organisation you eliminate the risk of greenwashing and become transparent and trustworthy. This strengthens your brand and your competitiveness. This is done through the international sustainability standard ISO26000.

Start by doing a free temperature test to see if your organisation is ready to get verified:


Our Impact

By educating change leaders and transforming companies we make a real impact in businesses and societies. An impact that also expands when transformed companies in their turn put a demand on their supply chain and stakeholders.

Another key to make an impact globally is our agile methodologies and ability to contextualise and adapt to local needs, whether it is in terms of a certain sector or a certain country. 

This dynamic and multi-facing strategy set us apart and makes up the foundation for our mission to unify people, businesses, and societies in a mutual effort to create a better world by doing good business.


VATI of Sweden

After the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals in 2016 Eva Vati, the CEO and Founder of VATI of Sweden, started to create an online education- and certification program, Business For SDGs TM, to facilitate the implementation of the global goals for businesses around the world.

VATI of Sweden was one of the first consultancies in the world to give certification on integrating sustainability into business strategy.

Today VATI has a network of over 25,000 people who are committed to creating a better world by running businesses that promote sustainability, equality, and diversity.

Together we stand on a common ground to create a better world by doing good business with the global goals for sustainable development as a framework.

V-Visionary – We believe the future is equal

A – Authentic – We believe in transformative and genuine leadership

T – Transparent– We believe in a reliable and truthful world

I – Innovative – We believe in breaking new ground

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