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What do we need, to create a better world? 

How do we reach partnership for the goals? How can we interact as people regardless of whether we are from the public or private sector, civil society or academia? Could a combination of social, environmental and financial solutions with digital tools be just what we need for collaboration?

Communication, collaboration and changed behaviours is also key for achieving Agenda 2030.
How can we reach out and create commitment that provides changed behaviour at both individual level and organizational level? And how can we increase awareness and collaboration for the implementation of the goals? Can digital solutions create engagement and increase the pace of achieving Agenda 2030?

These were some of the questions we were raising at our seminars and panel discussions during #Almedalen 2019 on Gotland in Sweden.

We believe that a dialogue around partnership for the goals is essential for achieving Agenda 2030. We also belive in raising awareness by providing tools for learning and education. Integrating the sustainable Development Goals into business strategy is one important way of creating a better world.

Join the conversation and raise your awareness around Agenda 2030 by taking the free online course of how to integrate the sustainable development goals into your business strategy!
Click this link!

Or attend our crash course – Future proof your company (in Swedish – 23rd of August in Malmö or 4th of September in Stockholm. Click this link!

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