Swedish Startup First In The World To Verify Company Claims – Establishes In Barcelona


Eva Vati

Eva Vati

VATI of Sweden with subsidiary VERIFY Agency of Sweden establishes in Barcelona. As the first accredited operator in the world to verify company claims, they are now expanding to make training and verification within sustainability available to companies worldwide. 

Barcelona will be VATI’s first hub outside of Sweden. Our partner on site, who will help us with the establishment, is Jessika Klingspor, a well-established entrepreneur who has been driving change in Barcelona since 2001. With her vast experience in various businesses, she had successfully linked Nordic clients and talent with the city’s vibrant ecosystem, which led to the creation of Nordics in Barcelona, a collaborative digital platform aimed at fostering disruptive co-creation between the Nordics and Barcelona.


An attractive destination for businesses
– Barcelona offers a strategic location, a thriving economy, access to talent, a supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem, a high quality of life, access to markets, and government support. These factors make Barcelona an attractive destination for businesses looking to expand and grow, and create a dynamic and exciting environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, says Jessika Klingspor.

This is something that the Swedish incubator Norrsken also has recognized and therefore has decided to invest SEK 200 million in Barcelona and established Norrsken Barcelona House, which will be Europe’s largest impact hub.


Help organisations get ready for new sustainability regulation
The new Eu directive CSRD, Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, which will come into force next year, entails more comprehensive requirements for companies’ sustainability reporting as well as verification of companies’ sustainability work.

-There are many companies that have not yet progressed far enough in their work to be verified, especially small- and medium-sized companies. We can help these companies to become verified according to EU directives and ensure a more sustainable business, says Eva Vati, CEO and founder of VATI of Sweden and VERIFY Agency.

An early adoption of a verifiable sustainability work means an easier transition once th EU directive is put into force. In addition, verification creates a strong competitive advantage and trust by increased transparency.


Vibrating hub with great potential
VATI has the ambition to grow internationally, and via hubs around the world offer training, business consulting, and verification of companies’ sustainable work. the verifications are issued by VERIFY Agency of Sweden, which is accredited by Sweden, Sweden’s national accreditation body, to verify companies’ claims, including sustainability reports. The verification is done according to the international sustainability standard ISO26000.

– We believe that Barcelona will grow to become one of Europe’s largest and most vibrant hubs for technology, start-up companies, and sustainability impact, which is why we choose to establish our first international hub here, says Eva.

– The city also offers a strong spotlight that stretches worldwide, above all it is the gateway to Latin America, adds Jessika.

There is a bubbling startup scene and a strong entrepreneurial spirit in Barcelona.


Exciting collaboration for good business
Both parties are very much looking forward to the collaboration.

-It’s especially exciting to connect a company from my home region in the south of Sweden to Barcelona, which is a leader in sustainability and the first in the world to offer verification as an accredited organ. As someone who is passionate about inner development and sustainability, I am thrilled to see where this collaboration will take us, says Jessika.

– VATI’s mission is to unify people, businesses, and societies in a mutual effort to create a better world by doing good business, which this collaboration and establishment in Barcelona is a part of, concludes Eva.


Founded: 2019
VATI offers training within a sustainable business; customized workshops and seminars; a wide range of consulting services where we effectively and agilely help companies integrate sustainability into their business strategy.



Founded: 2021
Was the first company in the world to be accredited to verify companies’ claims according to ISO17029
Our mission is to verify organisations’ sustainability work and thereby enhance their positive impact for a better world.



Eva Vati, CEO and founder of VATI of Sweden and VERIFY Agency, and our partner Jessika Klingspor, well-established entrepreneur and CEO of Nordics in Barcelona. Barcelona will be VATI’s first hub outside of Sweden.


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