VERIFY Agency of Sweden partners up with Mazars in Croatia


Eva Vati

Eva Vati

With the new EU directive CSRD, Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, the topic of ESG is taking center stage in all member states and companies are under a lot more scrutiny about the truthfulness of their sustainability claims. This is also the foundation to the new partnership between VERIFY Agency of Sweden and Mazars in Croatia. 

The new EU directive, which will enter into force next year, entails more comprehensive requirements for companies’ sustainability reporting as well as verification of companies’ sustainability work.

– An early adoption of a verifiable sustainability work means an easier transition once the EU directive is put into force, says Eva Vati, CEO and founder of VERIFY Agency of Sweden.

Strengthens brand and raises competitiveness
VERIFY Agency of Sweden is accredited by Swedac, Sweden’s national accreditation body, to verify companies’ claims, including sustainability reports. The verifications are done according to the international sustainability standard ISO26000. Sweden is the first country in the world to offer this opportunity.

– Verification of a company’s sustainability statements by an accredited third party is a good way to strengthen the brand and rise competitiveness. This is why Mazars in Croatia partnered up with VERIFY Agency from Sweden, says Vali Marszalek, ESG Director at Mazars in Croatia and responsible for providing sustainability services to Mazars clients in the Adria region; Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Vali Marszalek, ESG Director at Mazars in Croatia

Expands the services in the region
Mazars is an international audit, tax, and advisory firm committed to helping its clients confidently build and grow their businesses. Present in over 95 countries and territories, they combine their skills and expertise with both a global perspective and local knowledge to provide clients with a broad range of services in audit, accounting, financial advisory, consulting, and sustainability.

– Together with VERIFY Agency we can now also provide companies in this region with an opportunity to go through the process of verification of their ISO26000 Self-Declaration and ensure more transparency of their sustainability work. Through this process they will also get guidance on their sustainability journey, Vali Marzalek adds.

Certified Impact Auditors
As a certified Impact Auditor, Vali will be auditing in Croatia and Adria region within this partnership. The verifications will be issued by VERIFY Agency of Sweden.

– Being a Certified Impact Auditor is a requirement to work as an auditor connected to VERIFY Agency. It means that the auditor has undertaken our certification program, in order for us to ensure quality of performance to the client, explains Eva Vati. As the demand for verification increases, the number of auditors will grow as well.

In line with international strategy
VERIFY Agency of Sweden is a subsidiary of VATI of Sweden, which has an ambition to grow internationally via hubs and partnerships around the world. The aim is to offer verification of companies’ sustainability work, training, and business consulting.

– Our partnership with Mazars in Croatia is in line with our international expansion strategy and our mission to unify people, business, and societies in a mutual effort to create a better world by doing good business, says Eva Vati, CEO and founder of both VATI of Sweden and VERIFY Agency of Sweden. Both parties are very excited about this newly established partnership and collaboration.

Eva Vati, CEO & Founder of VERIFY Agency of Sweden and VATI of Sweden



Founded: 2019

VATI offers training within a sustainable business; Customized workshops and seminars; A wide range of consulting services where we effectively and agilely help companies integrate sustainability into their business strategy.



Founded: 2021

Was the first company in the world to be accredited to verify companies’ claims according to ISO17029

Our mission is to verify organisations’ sustainability work and thereby enhance their positive impact for a better world.



Founded: 2013

Mazars is a leading international audit, tax, and advisory firm, aspiring to build the economic foundations of a fair and prosperous world. Operating as a united partnership, Mazars works as one integrated team, leveraging and tailored services in audit and accounting, financial advisory, consulting, and sustainability.

Founded in Europe, Mazars is present in over 95 countries and territories, with more than 47,000 professionals – 30,000+ in our integrated partnership, and 17,000+ via the Mazars North America Alliance – dedicated to helping clients make the most of business opportunities and operate with confidence.

Mazars in Croatia
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