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After the launch of the UNs Sustainable Development Goals in 2016, VATI of Sweden started to create an online education- and certification program to facilitate the implementation of the goals for businesses around the world.

VATI of Sweden was one of the first consultancies in the world giving certification on integrating the SDGs into business strategy.
Today we are a group of three companies

VATIs Common Ground, where we have open lectures as well as keynotes, crash courses, and a fully digital platform. Our programs offer personal certification, Business For SDGs ™, Certified Impact Auditor ™, Gender Equality in Business ™, all with a license to operate as Change Agents.

At VERIFY Agency of Sweden, we perform audits to ensure successful implementation of Sustainability and the SDGs into business strategy, according to ISO 26000 and the associated self-declaration. 

Do you want to know more about UNs
Sustainable Development Goals?

What we do

Future-proof your business

And create business opportunities by Doing Good Business

To do good business and to future-proof your business, it is necessary to embed sustainability into your business strategy.

Did you know that public procurement (nationally and internationally) are integrating the sustainable development goals into the procurement process?

The value of the public procurement in Sweden is approximately SEK 683 billion. The global public procurement is 10-30% of the world’s total GDP. That is huge amount of money and business opportunity for companies!

Add to this the Sustainability Law in EU, which covers 6000 European companies (approx. 1200 Swedish companies) – now demands that subcontractors are procured according to SDG 12.7 (Sustainable procurement).

Regardless if you are an investor, a fast-growing business or a global enterprise – the Sustainable Development Goals are crucial for your company’s future. Going forward, not only public procurement will require a declaration on how you include the SDG’s in your business – it will soon be considered a hygiene factor, being required even by the smallest business.

If you do not secure your business by embedding the Sustainable Development Goals into your core business strategy, you will lose and / or run out of business extremely fast.


Value proposition

For-benefit Company
We are a for-benefit company with a primary purpose to deliver social and environmental benefits.

Best value for money
Our business model gives access to the best in the class supply of innovative and sustainable products and services, to competitive rates across the entire Swedish market.

Single point of contact
We hold a diverse Network of private- and public sector and non-profit organizations – which means that we can mobilize the whole Swedish technology & financial power independently or business affiliation, to deliver to large projects.

UN & Global Goals certified suppliers
We ensure that all our manufacturers/suppliers and professional service partners are verified according to ISO 26000 and associated self-declaration by VERIFY Agency of Sweden, an accredited auditing company. 

Less Administration, Risk minimization & High Control
We counteract corruption through our transparent for-benefit business model and provide an objective, fair and price competitive selection and matching of suppliers and professional service providers, ensuring high quality, transparency, and fairness.


Eva Vati - Educates, implements and mentors

Eva Vati have worked in the Technical & IT Industry since 1999 in Executive positions at various successful companies in her home country Sweden. Her core competence is in Executive Management and Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, anchored in Technology, Corporate Governance, International Business Development and Finance.

Eva is the founder and CEO of VATI of Sweden. She’s also professional Board Member for several listed companies on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, privately held companies and innovative startups.

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