After the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals in 2016 Eva Vati, the CEO and Founder of VATI of Sweden started to create an online education- and certification program, Business For SDGs TM, to facilitate the implementation of the global goals for businesses around the world.

VATI of Sweden was one of the first consultancies in the world to give certification on integrating sustainability into business strategy.

Today VATI of Sweden has a network of over 25,000 people who are committed to creating a better world by running businesses that promote sustainability, equality and diversity.

Together we stand on a common ground to create a better world by doing good business with the global goals for sustainable development as a framework.

V- Visionary – We believe the future is equal

A – Authentic – We believe in transformative and genuine leadership

T – Transparent – We believe in a reliable and truthful world

I – Innovative – We believe in breaking new ground

Our Team

Boris Matijas

Sustainability Consultant & Impact Auditor
Boris is living values through action, and has placed sustainability central to his values. His educational background is within sustainability and social communication.

Eva Vati

CEO & Founder
Eva believes in an equal future and she's on a mission to spread the message of “Dare to Lead” on a global scale. Her educational background is within tech & engineering.

Helena Wiktor

Sustainability & Operations Manager
Helena has a strong passion for people and business development. She believes that being able to lead others starts with leading yourself. Her educational background is within finance and HR.

Our Impact

By educating change leaders and transforming companies we make a real impact in businesses and societies. An impact that also expands when transformed companies in their turn put a demand on their supply chain and stakeholders.

Another key to make an impact globally is our agile methodologies and ability to contextualise and adapt to local needs, whether it is in terms of a certain sector or a certain country. 

This dynamic and multi-facing strategy set us apart and makes up the foundation for our mission to unify people, businesses, and societies in a mutual effort to create a better world by doing good business.

Our Sustainability Work

We have used ISO26000 and its self-declaration in our maximization analysis. Through this image, we illustrate our contribution and impact on sustainable development.
Read more about the SDG Business Goals here.


It is in our core business to educate people and organisations in sustainability.


Through our value delivery we empower organisations and people to embrace sustainability in their strategy.

SDG 10

We believe the future is equal – by educating people & organisations in diversity, equality and inclusion, we raise awareness.

SDG 12

We verify companies’ sustainability work and thereby ensure transparency for a more reliable world.

SDG 17

Collaboration is essential to reach Agenda 2030.
By our Centre of Excellences we contribute ‘glocally’ to transform the world.

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